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Click Rapid

Product Details

The barrier is a product that is easy and quick to use. It is suitable for successfully closing and protecting a wide variety of access situations: residential, such as gates in fences, entrance doors, garage doors, ramps, basements, cellars and basement rooms; as well as access or compartmentalisation in industrial use, such as warehouses and machine rooms, but also territorial fences, such as all water courses, harbour basins, cultivated fields and courtyards.

Once the two side profiles have been fixed (according to our installation manual), insert the barrier from the outside to the inside of the area to be protected as shown above.

Our barrier, although customised and made-to-measure, also reaches considerable widths of up to 500 cm in a single piece and is can be modulated in height up to 140 cm, and by means of additional and specially calculated portrait-breaker posts it can reach kilometres in length, thus solving your fundamental problems.

It can be customised in various RAL colours or with adhesive film bearing the company logo or even just the photo of the portion of the door, gate or whatever it will cover, allowing for a homogeneous and discreet context. The Click Rapid barrier has also been designed to insert a padlock in the upper chain to avoid possible spite from third parties.


Aluminium alloy with natural silver anodising.

Components and Accessories

  • Anodised aluminium 60x30 angle brackets with aluminium and 316 stainless steel fittings
  • White galvanised horizontal bolts
  • Possible galvanised vertical latch (above 170cm width)
  • Possible brass dust cover for bolt
  • Black nylon roller