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Product Details

MODERNA is a patented high-performance PRESSURE barrier, ideal for protecting doors, garages, businesses and entrances of all kinds. It is applied with little effort and does not release when pressed from the inside. The patented kinematics mean that the barrier does not widen and then shrink, and is therefore applied with less effort, even in taller dimensions. Press-fit mechanism is 'kinder' to the thermal insulation of buildings.

Does not require installation work, masonry, permanent fastening systems or the application of side profiles, in the case of a suitable frame or a 2 cm overhanging frame. This saves on price.

You no longer run the risk of crushing your fingers. The hook protects against crushing in the hinge area. Safety for the careless: the hinge is designed not to crush fingers when being moved.

The MODERN Barrier has an AISI 316 stainless steel padlock closer, screwed in with a security screw, so that it cannot be circumvented by the drill. The Padlock Close is not protruding, is not exposed to flooding and the padlock remains protected under the upper handle. Ergonomic overlapping handle in the first vertical profile for inside/outside opening. Can be customised in various RAL colours Maximum feasible measurements L 2750mm x H 1000mm


Aluminium alloy with natural silver anodising.

Components and Accessories

  • Possible 60x20 anodised aluminium corners
  • Galvanised vertical latch if required
  • Possible dust-proof brass shaft for bolt